You're such a inspiration

Pierre woodman is one of the biggest porn maker of the world. Ask him everything you want to knows about girls and porn business. Hot News inside.
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You're such a inspiration

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I just want to say your OG castings are so helpful to becoming a better man in bed , more dominant , saying erotic things during sex . Teaching confidence somewhat lol . I like how there's a lot of haters saying how you're this and that , meanwhile their women , or they themselves want it like that..

Anyways , I just want to say your castings are a fountain of pleasure and knowledge. I'm so grateful that I've been able to learn , replicate and perform competently some of the stuff you pull off .

Girls like Gina , Janet , Rose , Katalyn , Wendy , bow to the woodman !

I'd like to know some things you say during sex in English , during foreplay and fucking .

I guess it depends on girl and situation , I'm sure I'll pick it up soon .

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