Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???

Post by randydt1 »

you are pimp and wife is bitch. I give prooval now give me my money 1000000 $ my bank akount I sending you on mail

here blond lady you wife
here balck mafia boss with you on photo. you friend pimp = you pimp too
give money bank account me

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???


My god, why did I said I will not censored anyone here ??? I keep my word but really I think I am so stupid ...

Anyway as these images are coming from the top writter from Legal Porno forum, but I am, in a certain way, happy you put it here ...

The 1st blond lady seems to be Gabriella Wolf yes but I can't be sure about it. I fired her in 2000 because she decided to manage escorting business with Hungarian models ( all porn industry know that ), and I met her again in Budapest in 2013 at the Tokio restaurant for the first time after 13 years ( and never met her after even if now I'm not anymore angry on her ). It's almost 15 years she ended her activity in escort business and she became a famous fitness worker in Hungary.

My wife is not on any of the pictures you ( and Ricardo ) show with these images.
First time she went to London ( if it's same place as on the previous image in the street ) was with my daughter and me in 2002.

And about me ... ahahahahah I wish I had so much hair on my head but it's not me on the picture. Probably Ricardo is too much under substances too not see there is the name of the guy under the photo.

Also I never erased any picture from my birthday in Dubaï posted on this forum. It's easy to found out if I lie or not. One day you say Armani Club, one day you say Cavalli club, it's not the same place I think ...

I pass through Dubaï every time I go to any Islands in Indian Ocean, or Hongkong, Australia etc ... like few million people every year.
You promised a proove about my wife been an escort and me a pimp. After 12 days it's a bit light to show some group of people in London ( there are the red double bus so it's not Dubaï ) and my wife is not there ...

Not even sure the black man with the caps is the same on both images.
How can you pretend this man is a pimp ??? Do you know him personaly ??? when I see the standing of this man and knowing how yourself is looking, it doesn't match so much in my opinion ...

You Randy/ Ricardo or someone else from LP or somewhere else, I do not ban you.
You are playing the dumb or maybe really you are, no idea but you amuse me very much because if I type on Google the name of the guys you pretend to be me, you find this photo in .... IBIZA not Dubaï !!!
Capture d’écran 2020-05-18 à 21.16.41.png
And your "top pimp" of Dubaï Mr Barrett is the Chairmain of the buddhist community in UAE and you publish his photo on WGCZ/GTFLIX Legal Porno forum telling it's a pimp !!! Bravo, I'm gonna send him an email on the site of the organisation with a screen shot, I'm sure they will love it !!! ahahahahahaha

The guy is a priest and you connect him with prostitution. Not even sure it's same man on both image. Shame on you really ...
Capture d’écran 2020-05-18 à 21.25.01.png

I didn't noticed this post before but it's a good one and I appreciate what he said !!!
Capture d’écran 2020-05-18 à 22.21.36.png
I'm glad to see calling Evilpinnapple with name Mr Ananas gave him the idea to change his avatar. It's cool ... Maybe I got a new supporter ... everyone has the right to dream no ???

And about what is said in your post, you are right about the fact it's not good for LP but you can't say Ricardo is not part of Legal Porno forum and doesn't have the support of the boss.
Myself I will have never let anyone say here 0,00000001 % about Stephane Pacaud from all what Ricardo and his avatars + few morons similars to him, say about me for YEARS.
So evidence are easy to be found that Stephane Pacaud support Ricardo in all his post never been erased from his site even after my lawyers request sometimes ... and don't tell me it's because he is a busy man because last saturday night at 00.30 am he was able to erase the comment of various people and in particulary all about the post of Robin Reid having said he worked once for a period without test request.
So he can moderate his forum VERY FAST when he see something he doesn't approuve.
If he took him two weeks to erase my daughter picture, working place and personal blog, + my adress online since more than a year, and all the insane things totaly fake about me, it's because he agree with ALL and enjoy see it on his forum !!!
As for instance this one absolutely delicious from Mr Pacaud himself :
rapist again.png
As you said, there was possibility ( as yourself did here Mr Ananas ) to discuss even fight verbaly but without using other style than a regular correct one.
This is the basic thing I think, never here you'll find me insulting Mr Pacaud as himself did about my family and me ...
The internauts but also the justice will know make the difference !!!

- Success isn't about how much money you make but about the difference you make in people's lives - Le succès ne dépend pas de combien d'argent vous gagnez, mais de la différence que vous faites dans la vie des gens !!!

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???

Post by genevaeo »

Scat idiots.png
I read several accusations on the forum of Legal Porno saying that Mr. Woodman is coprophagous. And some more today !
That's what he asked you to prove.
I note that for years you have accused a man of all the worst infamy aiming at him to undergo the worst vicissitudes of the earth but that despite an incredible financial offer on this site to demonstrate the validity of your defamatory remarks, for two weeks you have been mired in your most sordid lies, but none of you has given the slightest proof of anything other than your wickedness.
Mr Robin it is desperate to see that your brain does not work better than your penis and that you ignore the difference between these two words ... you should go back to school!

Short lesson to all primitives brains :

State or quality of taking pleasure from contact with human excrement.

Love be feed with excrement

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???


You're right but what can we do against such crazy people ???

Today on the Legal Porno forum, Zoltan Szigyarto wrote that :
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 19.26.01.png
which is the best blackmail we could ask for and later XXX support him and write that :
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 19.24.54.png
No hope to get anything correct from this category of people but it's something they will have both to assume in few months front of the justice. Trust me ...

Anyway my mission has been accomplished !!!

12 days ago I asked those people at legal porno forum to proove any of the lies about me they spread since years !!! I did not even closed this thread of discussion the may 18 as I was thinking to do first and let them a bit more of time but what ???
Where did you prove ???

- that I use regularly girls of less than 18 years on my site and I'm a rapist too.
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 19.52.14.png
rapist again.png
Pushing on woodman rapist .png
OOOPS Mr Ananas I forgot this one few days ago ... what was this story and supposed rape story ??? That was a good advise yes ... :lol: :lol: :lol:

- that I am a murderer
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 20.07.14.png
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 20.04.41.png
- that I am a pimp
I am a pimp.png
BTW it's funny someone who love prostitution and think it's good accuse a guy like me totally ANTI -PROSTITUTION to be a pimp !!! :lol:

- that my wife is an escort and a "madame"
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 20.48.30.png
My wife is not in this group of people and easy to see it's London not Dubaï

- that I use drugs
- that I drug all girl for perform in anal sex with the help of cocaïn

Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 20.52.39.png
Over 5000 videos on my site and NO ONE COMMENT ABOUT ME USING DRUG ON THE NET
Fuck you liars .... and Mr Ananas please give your sources because I really tried hard to find something about it but I failed !!!

- that I'm homosexual
Gay parodie.png
Not enough hairy, not bald head and bad teeth it can't be me !!!
If I refused so many times to shoot gay, distribute gay, and even if in past I was eventually thinking use a girl to make boys casting on camera, I changed my mind, it's clear I'm 100000000 % hetero !!!
( in this casting : https://www.woodmancastingx.com/casting ... _8268.html tried stick fingers in my ass and my erection went straigh away ...
if you need a better proof !!! :lol: :lol: :lol: )

- that I am a pedophile
You erased this one after 2 years online because you lost the law suit against me in France partialy because of this post related to the death of my mom who shocked a lot the judge !!!

- that I am scatophagous
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 22.00.14.png
even today again
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 22.02.12.png
I must confess after all the abominations you said about my family and me I'll be glad to put a turd in your dirty mouth to make you shut the fuck up !!!

- that I'm zoophile
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 23.01.58.png
It's a famous english comic star on this image. Myself I have a panther at home, a beautiful one called Sophie Paris. And I love her since 18 years ...

- that I take Viagra or inject myself with anything to get erections during my scenes
Capture d’écran 2020-05-19 à 22.22.59.png
So let me tell you something !!!
Ricardo lies in 99 % of all he said about me after been fired in April 2013 but this post about Viagra has a part of truth. In past yes it happened that the hotel lobby was full of girls and yes I was fucking sometimes until 17 girls ( my record ) in the day.
But ... VIAGRA DID NOT EXISTED AT THIS TIME and anyway how could I do, I should have eaten 10 pills by day ??? How I will have managed such situation, when a casting was 5 minutes and "yes", another 5 hours and "no" etc ... IMPOSSIBLE !!!
If you want know a funny story which has at least 10 witnesses I've seen my first pills of Viagra in 2005 when I was shooting Sex City. In the story, my main actor was supposed eat a full box of "supergravia" in order become strong again. So I asked my assistant to go in town and by me a "box" of Viagra because I needed the pills to be blue color and kept like that on the black and white back ground. My assistant told me " it's expensive for a box I need at least 100 euros". I was surprised but gave him the money and he came back with 4 very small pills. I was very furious and finally went myself buy a big bag of M&M's and asked my assistant to separate the blue one from the bag and put them in a box.
Ricardo was there when it happened because it was for the scene with Aphrodite Night
and Reda Semlahen.
Since I opened the site almost all actors are under pills or injection. But again, everyone working with me know perfectly that there is no any chance for me to know when I will fuck and the guys are waiting in a place and when Gaby come to tell them "ok you have 10 minutes" they are in the lobby of the hotel and can just set up to come to me and fuck !!!
People watching my videos can see sometime how long are some interviews + the photos + the preparation etc ... how long is the effect of the pills ??? I have no idea for myself but from what I heard fro years now, with the stress of the situation after 20 /30 minutes it's still OK but over an hour it's dead ... and how many casting takes me sometimes more than five hours to be set up ???
I have no shame about what I'm, no complex about my physic, no complex about my age, and if I was gay, I'll tell it, if I was in love with alcohol or drug, I'll tell it, if I was using Viagra, I'll tell it because I DON'T CARE !!!
But my look is the same since more than 25 years when I fuck, my ears are often red ( not always depend my exitation at begining ) and my head red sometime too when I do many efforts. But my balls are not purple, my cheast never red, and about injection, how could I leave the girl for 10 minutes when most of my videos are non-stop ???
So stick all this shit lies deep in your ass WGCZ /GTFLIX Legal Porno/Anal Vids and wait to see how all this will end !!!

You had the chance to earn easily 100 000 euros if you have been able after almost two weeks to bring any proove about all your dirty lies.
I closed this thread but it's not finish. I'm gonna do the full historic of WHY THEY DID ALL THIS TO MY FAMILY AND ME !!!
But for now I'm gonna go to finish Frederica Fierce editing ...

- Success isn't about how much money you make but about the difference you make in people's lives - Le succès ne dépend pas de combien d'argent vous gagnez, mais de la différence que vous faites dans la vie des gens !!!

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???


Capture d’écran 2020-05-20 à 13.53.57.png
Keep cool Mr Ananas, I stay on what I said, it wasn't an attack, just the fact I forgot few important sentence and one of them was raccord with my original unhappy mood !!!
But today it's good you did this post because I never read this thread before :
https://forum.adultdvdtalk.com/director ... -woodman/2 and I must say thank you to let me know.
Of course I can believe people like you or probably many other who read such stupid post from 2 guys ( maybe same one with two avatars ) happy to break the nice positive ambiance about my work and me.
But please, YOU and ALL PEOPLE WATCHING MY WORK are you blind ???
On LP they say it's my members who are blind but when I read this ADT thread and I can see YOU really trust I can use cocaine or cocaine mixed with XYZ products, can't you JUST USE YOUR EYES AND YOUR BRAIN ????
My work process since 30 years is the same, the girls go to take a shower and comes back.
You can see ( especialy now with 4K ) that her ass is absolutely not prepared and dry.
Then I do the preparation and put lube ( in past vaseline but anyway it's same thing for what I want say ) and I start lubricate the girl in order to penetrate her.
But then what ??? I'm not Copperfield and you can see that most of the time this lube goes on the bed and then my boys arrive and take it also to lubrificate their dick, the girls suck them etc ...
So no need to be a scientist to understand if there was any anesthesic/cocaine/ etc ... inside the botlle there will be no any possibility to do that, all dick will fall down and also girls mouth will be anesthesied too and there will be THOUSAND of tweet on the net from girls able to say : YEAH WOODMAN USE THIS or THAT PRODUCT TO FUCK MY ASS but ....
Don't forget also that all I do is recorded and all my actions are filmed. Imagine if a girl goes to police immediately after my shoot and police control my bag ( it happened to me in Budapest in 1998 and in Riga in 2014 that they control all my room and all my lubricant tubes probably because of this legend about my secret ( which can be real in mind of all people who hate me )
But why not be a bit more realistic ???

- How many first anal I did in USA ???
Imagine if a girl say to her agent I did used drug to fuck her butthole what could happened to me and my reputation ... It'll long time I'll be burn in USA ( I started fuck in vegas in january 1990 !!! :lol: :lol: :lol: )

- How many agencies in Europe ??? I don't work with everyone and even some of them are not my friend at all and hate me ( Fmodel for instance and Julmodels now ).
Because I'm clean and it's obvious when you watch my videos like for instance here with the lube I used for the ass and I put also on her pussy which will give a top disaster result if there was any wrong product inside the bottle !!!
- Some girls like Gina Devine ex porn star and now manager of NikkiModels
( biggest soft/porn agency in CZ ), did anal only with me when she was an actress and we are still friends today. She worked in Legal Porno ( no anal ) and decided not give any of her models to Stephane Pacaud / Legal Porno!!! Guess why ???
Why Nikkita Belucci at the time she was non stop working for Legal Porno and friend with Stephane, refused make her first Triple Anal with them. Myself I didn't want shoot TAP but she begged me for that ( for four months ) because she did not want be wounded in Prague without she feels it. I have her words on video about this, and at same time I think all people having watched her XXXX with TAP for me, can see it was ULTRA DIFFICULT to set it up and after 14 try ( you can see it at the end of the video ) yes we did it but I never wanted do that shit again. I refused make it for Kittana Lure later ...
How many FULL anal fist ( all hand inside the ass until the arm ) do you have on my site ??? NO ONE ... ( Abrill Gerald was the biggest one I did I think and it's not all inside )
How many anal fist do you have on Legal Porno with girls having worked with me and with them doing it like if they drink a coca cola on their set ??? Bingo miracle !!!
Never a girl mentionned anywhere been under any anesthesia in ass when working for me but try count how many have say that on social medias, to their agents and to me on security camera or even in live. And not neccessary from girl having problem with LP When Selgaggia did her interview she was in perfect terms with LP but she says all the truth as it is on the studios there !!!

Now the allegation of rape from Lana Rhoades.

First of all SHE NEVER SAID NOWHERE I TRIED RAPE HER because she know I recorded all my time with her and she will be in huge trouble if she pretends something like that on social medias. ( she wrote on sms various lies supposed stay private because she knows I can easily proove the opposite with security camera )
No, she was much smarter ( I mean in theory ) and she said " Woodman and Mancini " raped a girl the day before I left budapest. Woodman is a monster etc ...
OK fine, but as I said 100 times, the day before I worked with a couple and did not put my dick out of my pants. And two days before was the arrival of Lana Rhoades when yes Mancini and me we worked with Sasha Rose but you have the picture on the Lana thread where you can see two important things
1 - Sasha Rose is there for her scene and then Lana left to do shopping with Porno Dan
2 - At the table are also David Perry, Thomas Stone and Ricky Mancini who was here in order Lana see the people whom she will work with two days laters ( she said she wasn't aware about the 3 guys, another lie )
And cherry on top, she left a friday 18 from Budapest but Tuesday 22 in Paris on Dorcel meeting she said ONLY MANCINI CAN FUCK HER IN THE ASS !!! And you can see in the Dorcel movie made in Paris just after she left Budapest she does anal with Mancini.


So good for you and all people ready to believe few morons full of hate and jealousy, ready to tell all the worse things about me.

Yesterday Archy Rock send me an interview he made in Russia recently where this surpra idiot admit he wrote on social medias I have AIDS because he was angry I said he gave syphilis to Gisha Forza ( same story as Mike Angelo, once his TPHA became negative again he says he is a white bird ).
But the deep reason why he is so angry is the fact I stopped work with him because he inject his dick and can't make cum shot in less than 20 to 45 minutes !!! ( and also he was ultra agressive with various models )

Take time to make the list of the people hating me and get back to the original situation.
You'll see almost all of them started first to love me ... I'm serious !!! but because I fired them from my working team or from my forum, they became my worst ennemies on the net and particulary on LP forum.
Stephane himself was very kind to me in 2012 when he wanted buy my site for little money and was telling me he pirated my videos more than others at beginning because he was my fan.
OK fine but he refused anyway to take a drink with me and when I prooved Mike Angelo was in the studio since few months with a TPHA Positive and they helped him to hide it he became mad on me and started the war.
Deeply it's mega stupid because many people work with a TPHA positive, it's OK until the VDRL is negative, but it was the proove that he was on set without been under control which was a problem.

Yourself you fought with me Mr Ananas here ( with another name ) to defend Mike and LP but for what after Mike Angelo himself admit on video all was true and he got syphilis. ( he even said " I always said to everyone I have syphilis" )

Why when in November Stephane lawyers asked to do a settlement and request I take off all about syphilis and money laundering from my site in exchange he erase all about my family and me on Legal Porno forum, he just waited I do it ( and I DID IT ) to finaly erase nothing and start be more agressive than ever and using twice my daughter + personal informations making her life in danger.



I have understood Mr Ananas that you are not always on same line of behavior than him
and I confirm again I'm not going to say anything bad again about you because I feel you get your opinion on me from the wrong place and wrong people !!!

- Success isn't about how much money you make but about the difference you make in people's lives - Le succès ne dépend pas de combien d'argent vous gagnez, mais de la différence que vous faites dans la vie des gens !!!

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???


Capture d’écran 2020-05-20 à 20.23.43.png
Seriously ???
My god Stephane Pacaud please stop listen this debil man because really this story will put you in huge trouble you have no idea about especialy now you try involve Trinity in this story !!!
Let me enlighten you about who are the 6 best friends of my wife :

- Jeanette aka SANDY ( you remember Club Sandy site and she did Sandy's model agency ) who live now in LA where she became one of the most wanted make up.
She is married to a french man and both are top friends of us.
- Magdalena aka May the ex porn star in contract as Bibi Blue for Magma who lost her virginity with me on camera.
- Linda aka Trinity who did her first casting with me and later did a career in LA where she was the GF of Manuel Ferrara until she came back to Europe.
- Rita aka Claudia Jameson who was the ex GF of Nacho Vidal and works as dog trainer now in Italie ( it's her dobberman in my clip of Indecent Evil )
- Juliette Shyn who decided go back to school where she got one of the most difficult graduation. She is married and happy now with a great job no one could imagine she could get !!!
- Aleska Diamond who also lost virginity on camera with me and became a presentator sometime on Hungarian TV but works also as a sport trainer in a big place of Budapest city.

What you ignore is the fact Aleska leave next building to mine, Magdalena two building near mine but TRINITY has a huge appartment in the same building than mine !!!
Her mother is my direct neighbor next door and she is retired now but i past she was the chief of the fireman of Budapest. She comes regularly visit me and take drink and even sometime lunch or diner with us. Trinity too sometime but as her husband is a multimillionaire man she is rarely in town and travel non stop in private jet all over the world following all Tennis champion because it's connected to her husband business.

All this to tell you if I had drugged Trinity the day she came to my casting, I'll be very surprise her mother, her husband, her older sister, and HER will be so friendly with me in 2020 !!! Two years ago we even had a lunch together, my wife, Trinity, her husband and me at the Nobu Budapest.

So Mr Pacaud you can stick deep inside your rectum all your allegations about me once again !!!

( All the above infos are made with the consent of all concerned people who knows about Stephane Pacaud accusations toward me who implicate these girls also via the Legal Porno forum )

What I can see day by day is the fact that ALL members of LP forum and in particulary the boss himself became the puppett of a real psychopath that NOBODY in Budapest from porn industry want to speak with because everyone knows what he did and what he is !!!
Two days ago he directly blackmailed Cayenne Klein in live on your forum and instead to ban this guy forever, you applause !!!

We say in french and you know it better than anyone as you are french yourself :
QUI SE RESSEMBLE S'ASSEMBLE !!! ( Birds of a feather flock together )

You seems really to have found each others !!!

And again you continue with my family ... but it's interesting you said you are not ALLOWED NOW to publish a link about my daughter but then why are you STILL ALLOWED by the GTFLIX management to publish all this craps about my family and me ???
Capture d’écran 2020-05-21 à 09.09.01.png
the fact my daugher 12 years ago participated to various TV broadcast and assumate publicaly that I was her father, was another period of her life.
6 years ago she made a new turn and decided to change her job in order become anonymous not be anymore connected in people mind to her father business !!!
It was perfect, she was really happy and enjoyed her life until this year.
Actually you can be proud of yourself, you just destroyed her life and she his in huge troubles now by your fault after you let your "gourou" expose her working place on your site and refused for more than two weeks to erase it.
The district Attorney of Paris met her yesterday at 17h30 and you'll see when this Covid crisis will be set up in Europe how the things will be going with that case Mr Pacaud and all people I decided to sue for the lies in continued on the Legal Porno forum where even David Querol Pla continue to pretend I rape, pressure etc ... women against their will !!!
Capture d’écran 2020-05-21 à 09.07.11.png
First of all show me where Porno Dan mentionned my name ???
Second it's another non sens as I work EXACTLY the same way in USA than in Europe and ALL agents send me models ( you can't find a single US agency having said they refuse work with me but look on the net how many agencies said they refuse any business with LP )

And bonus to Mr Ananas ( I'm glad this one is not a brainless like the 3 or 4 morons making the royal court of King Pacaud who will soon lost his crown ) because he just confirmed what I said :
Capture d’écran 2020-05-21 à 09.24.20.png
And now Ricardo or one of Pacaud comparse build a new avatar BlondeBBC !!!
Yes exactly the reflect of their brain ...

In 2007 I did a huge Woodman Entertainment party in Cannes with 50 girls during the Film Festival and I have a lot of images similar to what this morons show on LP Forum but it has nothing to do with prostitution ( before the party the police came to me and said if any of them do that I will be responsible ). And Ricardo was there too when I did the meeting with all people in the villa and told I'll be ultra angry if any girl play the bitch at my party ...
I know LP team dream make people think I'm a pimp and my wife an escort. But if no one was able to bring any formal proove with 100 000 euros to win, I guess only an idiot can trust all that shit they speak about on their forum.

At least some guys have great humor when speaking about me on other forum when a debil like Maxx agress me !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Capture d’écran 2020-05-22 à 12.58.18.png
- Success isn't about how much money you make but about the difference you make in people's lives - Le succès ne dépend pas de combien d'argent vous gagnez, mais de la différence que vous faites dans la vie des gens !!!

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???


I thought after they wasn't able to proove any of the fakes accusations against me, they will understand better for them to just shut up and erase all the shit about me from Legal Porno forum.

But NO ... they need to do new bad action.
So the latest one, again a supposed ME writting something bad about Robin Reid on their forum ( still they don't understand i do not play the game this way and with a spanish assistant I could set up a message withhout any mistake inside )
But this post gave to the N°1 thief of the net Mr Pacaud, owner of WGCZ ( Xvideos ) ranked in the 10 most profitable site of the world ( before for instance Amazon LOL )
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 23.40.15.png
to open a new door against me ... THE TAXES !!!
Capture d’écran 2020-05-24 à 13.06.12.png
OK fine, you want to speak about taxes Stephane ??? No problem ...

In 2006 after making good money with XNXX ( your first tube stealing my videos ) you bought for 250 000 euros the domain name Xvideos.com

You continue what you started with XNXX , to steal my videos and all videos of porn industry, give it for free to the world
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 22.52.29.png
actually almost 10 Millions videos I don't think you bought all this ??? because at only 100 euros it's a Billion and at 1000 euros (also a ridiculous price) it's 10 billions euros !!!

Just now if I do a screen capture I find my work produced with my money and my sweat for free on your tubes :
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 23.52.37.png
So many copyright infringement was send to your site by my DMCA service.

But how do you do money ???
The traffic is a huge value and many clients pay a lot for advertisement on a site making few billions visitors months.
You open the company TrafficFactory who is in charge to make them pay you :
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 22.55.27.png
And it's Paypal who paid you for this "clean money" coming from a illegal site including an officially "clean" advertisement business !!!

So life is beautiful but what do do with all these millions and millions of euros coming every month on your various bank account in the east part of the world ( I know where exactly )

So WGCZ who own all this what is it ??? A porn company ???
Well ...
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 22.24.25.png
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 22.15.06.png
But the trade mark Xvideos it's WGCZ
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 22.21.16.png
And now we have an official very clean taxe declaration in CZ
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 22.15.25.png
Is this all the money or just the money you spend in a year ???

If we consider all sites ranked in the 10 first of the world does yearly a minimum of a billion USD ( ( out of Wikipedia who get donations ) PornHub ranked n° 10 is supposed be between 800 million and 1,2 billion ( they were at 450 M$ in 2015 ) how the n°8 Xvideos + n° 11 XNXX together can do a so little amount of money compare to others. Probably you know it better than me ...

A part of the iceberg ( there are much more ) it's that :
So we can see GTFLix is owned by WGCZ

What is GTFlix ???
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 22.07.03.png
oh a real estate company !!! With ... 1 employe !!! waow !!!

But the trade mark Legal Porno is owned by GTflix
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 23.35.38.png
And this company has a very low level of activity because the yearly declaration is very small compare to the huge amount of productions :
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 21.34.13.png
but then explain me how in 8 years of activity in Prague this company has been able to produce/buy 13 000 videos.
Capture d’écran 2020-05-23 à 23.17.47.png
Because if we consider the value of a scene in production is between 2000 and 5000 euros + the employes in the place ( not only 1 ) + the editing studio + the servers + the agencies commission + the wemasters of the site + maybe the rent to yourself etc ...
I'm sure we are at least around 8000 euros by scene minimum.
SO 13000 X 8000 = 104 Millions euros !!!
even if we make a division by 4 which means 2000 by videos and it's IMPOSSIBLE we have 26 Millions Euros.

You bought
11 Millions Penthouse, 8 millions Private, DDF, bang Bros etc ... good business yes !!!
You eat everyoone step by step and on top you put in danger the population by hidding sickness like syphilis inside your place in Prague but when someone like me open his mouth you sue him with your millions you got from an illegal activity transformed in a acceptable one !!!
I wish Paypal to WakeUp about who you are you and your comparses having earned few hundred of millions maybe billion in the last 15 years ... and just able to pressure people like me by putting their child on your porn forum and even let your complice Zoltan Szigyarto to make a rape incitaion toward my daughter after her working adress stayed two weeks on your forum without any moderation and a "invitation to visit her and show her the same as his father does in the videos "

You'll face the justice Stephane Michael Pacaud.
I just say here 5 % of all I know about you ...

- Success isn't about how much money you make but about the difference you make in people's lives - Le succès ne dépend pas de combien d'argent vous gagnez, mais de la différence que vous faites dans la vie des gens !!!

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???


My fucking goddness, I closed this thread almost 6 month ago, thinking those people have understood that attack me with lies isn't the best solution. But today without any specific reasons they started again with a new great story ...

So now the insane joke of the day is : Woodman paid 100 $ the anal sex !!!
And they put it on their twitter where a bunch of lobotomised morons trust that lies !!!
So yes I have had to slap LP again for their crazy lies about me, and it looks like they love it so much because you need be a real masochist to search me on a field where they have already been accused by several famous girls to: "not having get paid by Legal Porno".
After that of course, they finaly made it and asked girls not communicate anymore about their problem .. but I have screen capture !!!

Capture d’écran 2020-10-28 à 21.48.25.png

Megan Rain not paid.png

just sad to see only one man seems to have brain on their Twitter ....

Capture d’écran 2020-10-28 à 21.54.05.png

- Success isn't about how much money you make but about the difference you make in people's lives - Le succès ne dépend pas de combien d'argent vous gagnez, mais de la différence que vous faites dans la vie des gens !!!

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???


Un article interessant :

https://curtiszone.wordpress.com/2020/0 ... -du-monde/

And also a good news ... the "KARMA" just landed in Prague this morning !!! I hope it will do his job properly ...

- Success isn't about how much money you make but about the difference you make in people's lives - Le succès ne dépend pas de combien d'argent vous gagnez, mais de la différence que vous faites dans la vie des gens !!!

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Re: Who wanna earn 100 000 euros ???


Something interesting for me and my lawyers :

Now at least there is a formal proof WGCZ know well that Tom Stern, Caveman39, Proxy001, ( so many avatars I forget some ) and now Therapya, is my ex assistant : Zoltan Szigyarto aka RICARDO because even the moderation of ANALVIDS ex LEGALPORNO forum call him like that without it's mentionned nowhere !!!
And the email adress shows clearly the connection between WGCZ and their forum ...

It's also interresting to see that Ricardo himself say I'm gonna sue him after I wrote his name in my post on my forum.

BlueShaddow, Robin reid IP adress of course will be found easily and I'll not forget them too ...

So thanks guys, you did a great job and it will help the police and the law suit process, I'm gonna be soon in Prague ( when mister Covid will let us travel ) to meet important authorities !!!

Karma will not miss those people making my daughter loss her work and oblige her to go live at 500 km of Paris for her security. WGCZ /GTFLIX and all STEPHANE MICHAEL PACAUD's team and comparses on forum making diffamation, incitation for hate ( even murder ) to me, my family and business will face justice !!!

Capture d’écran 2021-02-19 à 08.02.08.png

- Success isn't about how much money you make but about the difference you make in people's lives - Le succès ne dépend pas de combien d'argent vous gagnez, mais de la différence que vous faites dans la vie des gens !!!