BF who lives from PornStar's money

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BF who lives from PornStar's money

Post by Jean »


I open this thread to talk about those individuals, who share private life from PornStar model, and live 100% from porn money.

Can we consider those individuals as "men" ?

Just like teenager lives from their parents'money, those dudes take the money from their girls who did GAP/DAP, PAL, CIM, to use this money for buy cigarette, alcool, high tech gadget, ect

They manage everything and check every Tweet/message that the girls receive, they are on all sets , looking their GF "working", they décide with who the girl should work, and also how much the girl should ask, ect

Do you consider this as virility/alpha charm ?

Or on contrary, do you find this behavior shameful/uncool ?

What do you think ?

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Re: BF who lives from PornStar's money

Post by Isaac »

My opinion is that it is up to the couple themselves. If they are happy for it to be like this, then no problem. As men we have egos and our pride, so it's difficult to accept that the responsibility to make money rests on the girl. However, women are becoming successful today and removing the concept that it's up to to the man to make the money and that women must be at home to cook and clean. They run successful businesses also. But in adult buiness there are women out there who enjoy their husband to make the decisions and manage and support them. But I don't personally know of anyone who takes the girls money for themselves. Maybe their husbands have other businesses and source of income apart from managing their wives also.

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