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Re: Voting Discussions

Post by Jean »

Valmont wrote:
Mon Jan 31, 2022 12:02 pm

But Jean, you know, JohnWick will have Bella Green's casting updated in february, it is almost sure.
And me (and Durex88, Tango75jlb...) will have Rubi Rizzo's presale in february and her casting in march.
So everything will be ok, everyone will be happy now.
Yes, and in march, april, june, the bordelo and fights will start again... if we apply rules now, it will stay il long term, my 2 cents

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Re: Voting Discussions

Post by JohnWick »

Jean wrote:
Mon Jan 31, 2022 1:47 pm
KmConstantine, look at page 3, i proposed something like that, and others things, would be cool that you give opinion :)

John wick, i never accused you, i said every time we talk about that, you say "No no no, Its impossible, no" , for solve a problem that could also be unfair for you, and also for Ein, think about it, what you will do tommorow if everybody do "ghost account" for their personal tastes ? You will also be into the unfair group...

The key is to bring good balance, and regular fair result for everyone
Before I lose my cool and for the 100th time I'm gonna tell it so your thick headed brain 🧠can understand. I was never opposed to finding a solution. You keep saying I said No no no. Where I said this? My theory was that it was unfair to single out certain new individuals only on your suspicion. It's not formal proof which is why I suggested 'everyone' be checked. For me it's about principle, not anyones priviledge. If you cannot comprehend that then I don't know what more to say.

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Re: Voting Discussions

Post by Isaac »

Pierre when will the next voting be held? I thought it was going to be in July.

We already know the 25 castings will be updated in the next year. The order doesn't really matter so why not have the normal voting system and the winners of the votes and their castings fitted inbetween these 25 castings? I don't think anything needs to change. Besides I don't think you need to prove anything to anyone. The people on the other forum just want things to play into their hands and I don't think you should give them this satisfaction.

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