Vote for Rebecca!

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Vote for Rebecca!

Post by goran »

Guys, Rebecca needs your vote. This is at least we can do for her, isn't it?

I Quote from Rebecca entirely:

"Hi everybody...I would like to ask you to give your vote on the following link if it´s possible: ... e6fb1eff1e

It´s a competition called „Became a face of Bon Prix catalogue“ I´ve been signed for. And it seems I would need quite a lot of votes If you don´t mind, click on the link (the main page opens) and then on „Dalej“ and after simply vote....there should be my picture with the possibility to vote (it´s just until 29.3. and I don´t know why, but sometimes you can give 1 vote every day....sometimes not) thank you very much in advance"

PW, I hope you do not erase this post and say "Rebecca has her own thread" because I'm sure there are many people on the forum that possibly do not see that post.


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