The old stars today

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The old stars today

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I remember the time before the internet where it was expensive to buy good porn on vhs or dvd.

As a new member here, I have noticed how the members remember back in time.
The time is over where Pierre can produce similar new films.

But the girls who made porn at the time were also wonderful.

I'm sure they are wonderful still today, just little older :)

I got the idea for this thread when I saw this scene:


The girls from the nineties and the first years after the year 2000 are probably all a place in life now that they have put their careers in porn behind them.

But it could be great if some of them could be gathered for a web meeting via Zoom, which could be recorded and shown here on Woodmancasting.x

With Pierre as moderator

Nicely, and without nudity or sex.
But it is not forbidden, if some of them will be naked ;)


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