Dangererosity of the tubes !!!

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Re: The Children of Pornhub

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So the problem is not porn.....But the extreme of the porn!

The same thing in horror film like Hostel! ^^

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Re: The Children of Pornhub


I would like to understand why Nicholas Kristof is only focus on Mindgeek ( Pornhub ) and doesn't care the leader Xvideos and XNXX or the N°3 Xhamster.
It's a bit like if now all doctors was supposed fight the Variant of Covid and not care the SRAS and simple Covid anymore !!!
Everyone will be mad of rage if it was the case, so why in present situation we have ONLY PORNHUB has a danger for the youth ???
I would like to know the answer ...

Anyway some serious journalist start a crusade against WGCZ ( Xvideos and XNXX ) !!! It was time ...

DenikN.png (6.46 KiB) Viewed 401 times

January 6, 2021 3:03 PM

The Czech Xvideos website contains footage of children and violence, the police are dealing with it. We mapped the functioning of the world's largest porn sites


The Czech company operating the largest pornographic site in the world, Xvideos, also allows you to upload illegal content such as child pornography or videos of fake violence against people. Diary N discovered some such cases and thoroughly described the functioning of the portal. The case has already begun to be dealt with by the police in response to the PornHub case.

Police officers are interested in the until recently gray zone of the porn industry. One month ago, the New York Times reported that child pornography and rape videos appeared on the PornHub server. A similar situation is now being addressed in the Czech Republic.

During the search of information on the topic of illegal content on porn sites, the reporters of Deník N found out that the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office and the criminal police are interested in the Xvideos server operated by WGCZ Holding, based in the Czech Republic.

The problem is almost identical to PornHub. For example, anyone can upload pedophile videos to the server with minimal control. All you need is a functional e-mail. The police are dealing with the case in connection with the fact that the website provides illegal content - for example, it may be the mentioned child pornography.

"We consider the above information to be important, we forwarded it to the police for further action, specifically to the Office of the Criminal Police and Investigation Service," Petr Malý, a spokesman for the Chief Prosecutor, responded to questions. "It simply came to our notice then. We are in contact with the company that operates the site. At the moment, we will not communicate anything more detailed, "confirmed Ondřej Moravčík, a spokesman for the Police Presidium, to Deník N.

Are you a victim whose video appeared on Xvideos, or do you have evidence of illegal practices of WGCZ that run the server?
Do you have more evidence of illegal content on Xvideos porn sites? We look forward to hearing your story.
Contact Jakub Zelenka:

According to the editorial board, the Czech police received the first complaints about this case from abroad at the end of the year, ie after the publication of the PornHub scandal. Victims of sexual violence described in a detailed article in the American daily how their lives were destroyed due to pornographic videos and they faced the condemnation of society.

Journalists have revealed that there are pictures of women on the site who are humiliated or have no idea that someone is filming them naked. There was also the case of a mother who missed her underage daughter and later found 58 videos with her child on PornHub.

In another testimony, nineteen-year-old Serena K. Fleites describes the aftermath of her naked video appearing on this server, which she sent to a boy five years ago. The girl's world collapsed, she didn't go to school because of shame, and she eventually changed school.

Her mother persuaded PornHub to delete the video, but after a while it reappeared on the server. The picture has already been seen by 400,000 people. Now the girl is unemployed and lives with three dogs in the car.

Videos from anonymous accounts

Like PornHub, Xvideos works. In a short time, the daily N found dozens of videos with very youthful-looking women or recordings in which adult men show off photos of children - for example, 16-year-old Brazilian actress Melissa Maia de Sousy.

According to attorney Lucie Hrdá, these videos harm minors in the pictures or their loved ones. "They can traumatize their parents and children themselves. If such a video reaches their classmates, the child may be bullied at school or on social networks. This can have far-reaching consequences. In addition, photos were often stolen from those people, downloaded from networks, for example, "describes Hrdá, who has long been dealing with the issue of sexual abuse.

The operator of such websites is responsible for the content it provides to users. The fact that anything can be uploaded to the server can be a problem for the owners of WGCZ Holding.
According to Section 192 of the Criminal Code, this may be illegal also because the provider earns money from it.

"Anyone who exploits such a pornographic work will be punished by imprisonment for six months to three years, a ban on activity or forfeiture," the law states. "Providers of such servers make money from this and benefit from this crime," Hrdá points out.

The sales of advertising on the website as well as the Xvideos RED subscription contribute to the turnover of Xvideos in the order of hundreds of millions of crowns. For $ 9.99 a month, this allows you to watch higher quality videos or download them straight away.

Malicious and prohibited content is often labeled under misleading names on Xvideos and is uploaded by anonymous accounts that specialize in similar types of videos. Dozens of them are uploaded for some profiles.

Other popular pornographic site Xnxx, also operated by WGCZ Holding, a. S., And other websites registered in the Czech Republic, have a similar approach.
Anyone uploads any video without control

While PornHub is now trying to resolve the situation - after the affair it has banned the uploading of new videos for the time being and only verified accounts will be able to publish them in the future - Xvideos have not been focused yet and the problem with easy uploading on this server remains.

Reporters of Diary N verified this when they tried to upload one part of the series to The Simpsons on the Xvideos page on January 5. All it took was a newly created e-mail, checked conditions that the user understands the rules, and the video could be published on the server without further obstacles. No one has deleted it yet. No check was made as to whether the content was legal. The link with the published video could be sent to anyone immediately. The recipient did not need to have a registered account on Xvideos.

In the same way, anyone could record a brutal video full of violence, rape or child porn. Such content may remain on the site for several months.

It doesn't take an hour to create an account and publish a video

Time 11.40 - Creating an anonymous account on Seznam.cz

11.44 - In one minute we will write a fake label and add labels that do not match the content of the video. No one controls the process. When we're done, we'll upload the video to the Xvideos server.


Xvideos allows you to record videos with almost no control. (Diary N)

11.47 - Video is waiting in line.

11.48 - Video encoding before publishing.

12:57 - The video is published on Xvideos, anyone can watch it.

The fact that child porn and similar illegal content appears on the website and is deleted only after a warning is also proved by data from the STOPonline.cz server, which deals with illegal content on the Internet.

"Suggestions for the named sites (Xvideos and PornHub) are in the order of dozens during the year. Unfortunately, there are many sites with similar content on the Czech Internet. It is very easy to point the finger at these two, but from my point of view they are a small percentage in the number of reports. Usually, the length of removal of illegal content is in the order of hours, "computer security expert Kateřina Vokrouhlíková from the STOPonline.cz server told Deník N.

Reporting child pornography or other illegal content is more difficult on Xvideos than uploading a video. You must enter your e-mail, then a window will open where you will describe the problem. It is also necessary to enter contact details with the name and "sign". You can also upload videos anonymously.
Server operated from the center of Prague

WGCZ Holding, which operates the server, did not answer questions from Deník N about the police's interest in it and its problematic functioning. Her employee Lucie Horňáková promised that she would discuss this with the French executive Stéphan Michael Pacaud, but even after a few days and urgencies, no answers came.

Horňáková only confirmed over the phone that the company reflected the scandal of its competition. "I know about that," she told Diary N.

WGCZ Holding is a very well-known company in the world, which last drew attention to itself when it bought the failing Penthouse porn magazine. In a competition with PornHub or Hustler, she auctioned it off two years ago for $ 11 million.

Jakub Zelenka

Lukáš Prchal

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