Precious Treasures of Woodman Castings

Pierre woodman is one of the biggest porn maker of the world. Ask him everything you want to knows about girls and porn business. Hot News inside.
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Re: Precious Treasures of Woodman Castings

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almost all cover now what next when we expect similar casting like Wendy , Rebecca , Yasmine , Alexa may because from few years I seen only porn star or those want to become porn star came into the casting not like above one. so little bit boring .

@ Pierre, do you release un editable casting in future or share casting for limited viewers those interested that kind of the casting. ?

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Re: Precious Treasures of Woodman Castings

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Valmont wrote:
Sat Apr 24, 2021 8:56 pm

Today I will answer to @snakeeyes (thanks for Lexi's beautiful pictures) and Scorpion555 (thanks for her interesting and revealing interview) about Lexi Lowe.
Yes I forgot her but she's really impressive and worthy of being amongst the best pornstars of Woodman Site.
In her sexual life, she wanted to be completely submissive one day and Pierre made her dream become reality.
Her interview shows her submissive behaviour isnt weakness at all but just a sexual fantasy, just a game.

Lexi is also very beautiful as a brunette.
Lexi Lowe, dans son casting, se retrouve au lit avec Pw et deux autres gars, et alors que la très excitante Lexi est occupée à sucer le premier et à se faire sodomiser, Pierre woodman, tout naturellement, lui propose de se faire prendre en sandwich pour la première fois de sa elle refuse la DP, elle en a peur!! ; Pierre ne comprend pas, lui dit ne pas comprendre qu'elle refuse la DP puisque la sodomie se passe très bien, mais non Lexi lui résiste et lui refuse la DP; Pw se résigne au choix de Lexi, sa déception est grande (la nôtre aussi d'ailleurs) mais il fait avec, et finalement le casting est super!! Pw arrivera plus tard à convaincre Lexi d'essayer la Dp dans une scène XXX, elle avouera d'ailleurs préférer la double à une simple anale...

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Re: Precious Treasures of Woodman Castings

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@kon : it's another time now! Rebecca, Wendy, Alexa May, Yasmyne, they came here almost by accident. Times have changed. Sometimes you have some girls like Alexis Brill, Karina Shay or Sasha Heaven who came there to become models. But it's rare they began a real career. Alexis is a little special case. Now almost all the girls know Pierre before they come, almost all have already see what he did on internet. So it's another time, another way of feeling, of living.

@tango75jlb : yes, Lexi Lowe is really amazing and impressive!
Today, some pictures of Lexi in blonde...


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