Sex and Religions

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Re: nice jewish girl

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Lionel wrote:I think Nina Hartley and Joanna Angel have stated numerous times that they were Jewish (and proud to be).
Casey Calvert, also. And she worked with PW.

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Re: nice jewish girl

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Je suis tombé sur une certaine Lil Anne Frank récemment, amatrice sympathique.

Son insta :

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Re: nice jewish girl

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Lola Striker.

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Re: nice jewish girl

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This is the dumbest thread ever. Are there any Christian girls? :roll:

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Re: nice jewish girl


I agree, it's a bit strange but at same time I think it's part of a fantaisie for many men, so take in consideration the religion and the sex. When they said "beurettes" in France it's about muslims, Asians about Bouddhist but curiously it's nearly never connected to this as Buddism is just a spirit and not a religion. Don't imagine Christians are not part of this, but as this forum is inside Europe it's not so much exciting for men who are more attracted by women from other continents !!!

Just my feelings about this ...

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Re: Sex and Religions

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there is a certain category: IDF ( Israeli Defense Force) with female soldiers in Uniform.

And some porn catering to this stuff. Maybe not exactly mainstream, but I like these girls too :)

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Re: Sex and Religions

Post by Isaac »

I don't think it's a dumb thread. It's fantasy albeit controversial. There are many porn sites with muslims and indian girls. Some girls are caucasian pretending to be indian also. Actually I would like if Pierre would cast some muslim and Indian girls. It's a fantasy I'm sure for many.
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Re: Sex and Religions

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You know, in French we have an expression, "the cloth do not make the priest" :lol:

L'habit ne fait pas le moine ! :lol:

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Re: nice jewish girl

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Hunter wrote:
Mon Apr 18, 2022 1:26 pm
Lola Striker.
Lola Striker? She is Jewish? :o

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Re: Sex and Religions

Post by Bobby »

Actually there is a song about Jewish girls from Frank Zappa:

Jewish Princess:
I want a nasty little Jewish Princess (la-la-la)
With long phony nails and a hairdo that rinses (wee-ohh)
A horny little Jewish Princess
With a garlic aroma that could level Tacoma (phh)
Lonely inside
Well, she can swallow my pride

I need a hairy little Jewish Princess (la-la-la)
With a brand new nose, who knows where it goes (wee-ohh)
I want a steamy little Jewish Princess (shh)
With over-worked gums, who squeaks when she cums
I don't want no troll
I just want a Yemenite hole

I want a darling little Jewish Princess (la-la-la)
Who don't know shit about cooking and is arrogant looking (wee-ohh)
A vicious little Jewish Princess
To specifically happen with a pee-pee that's snappin'
All up inside
I just want a Princess to ride
Awright, back to the top, everybody twist
I want a funky little Jewish Princess (la-la-la)
A grinder, a bumper, with a pre-moistened dumper
A brazen little Jewish Princess (hey-oh)
With Titanic tits, and sand-blasted zits
She can even be poor
So long as she does it with four on the floor

I want a dainty little Jewish Princess (la-la-la)
With a couple of sisters who can raise a few blisters
A fragile little Jewish Princess
With Roumanian thighs, who weasels 'n' lies
For two or three nights
Won't someone send me a Princess who bites
Won't someone send me a Princess who bites
Won't someone send me a Princess who bites
Won't someone send me a Princess who bites


just for balance there is also a song about catholic girls:

With a tongue like a cow
She could make you go WOW!
VD Vowdy vootie
Right away
That's the way they go
Every day
Whenever their mamas take them to a show
Pass the popcorn please
There's nothing like a Catholic Girl
With her hand in the box
When she's on her knees
She was on her knees
My little Catholic Girl

In a little white dress
Catholic Girls
They never confess
Catholic Girls
I got one for a cousin
I love how they go
So send me a dozen
Catholic Girls


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