I love my haters !!!

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Re: I love my haters !!!

Post by snakeeyes »

Going from anal and DP of Olivia to Sylvia to Ruby to Karina and to Luna with some very cute girls in between is just phenomenal.

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Re: I love my haters !!!


You're right Snakeeyes !!!
Viperxxx wrote:
Tue Jun 21, 2022 6:21 pm
i've been a member since January this year. I was a member before and i've always enjoyed the content on here compared to other platforms. I've been a member of Rocco Siffreddi, Manuel ferrara and digital playground in the past but this is by far my favourite, even if those are fake look at some of the girls that have been released this year! I wanted to put 1 scene from each of the 6 months but it was so hard! I re-joined because of Sylvia and haven't been disappointed since!

Great work Pierre keep it up, sorry if i used your images to make a point.

January 2022 started with update of marvelous Sylvia Buntarka- https://www.woodmancastingx.com/casting ... 29305.html
syvlia bun Jan2.jpg

then :
Irina Cage -https://www.woodmancastingx.com/casting ... 28529.html
Irina cage January.jpg

February: Bella Green
https://www.woodmancastingx.com/casting ... 25303.html
bella green.jpg

March: Olivia Sparkle
https://www.woodmancastingx.com/casting ... 27609.html
olivia sparkle march.jpg

April: Arina Shy (Had to add miss Rizzo as well)
https://www.woodmancastingx.com/casting ... 30109.html
arina shy april.jpg

May: Ruby Sims
https://www.woodmancastingx.com/casting ... 30901.html
ruby sims may.jpg

June: Miss Olivia
https://www.woodmancastingx.com/casting ... 30925.html
June miss olivia.jpg
Great job Viper thanks a lot !!!
The spider can lose hairs never its cunning !!! In 2022 my web is stronger than ever ...

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Re: I love my haters !!!

Post by hortichuelas »

Viper answers that make you lower your lip..
viper great answer
Patrone great job. Really.
Thanks to the 2.

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Re: I love my haters !!!

Post by Isuckdaddy »

now you pissed circus off with the 25 pictures will you also put 1 minutes preview for each one ?
and can you explain us what they are talking about with this ? :
But have you ever REALLY looked at those pictures? Ever wondered why nobody ever gets to actually SEE those movies? Ever wondered why Pierre never invests in hi-tech equipment? Ever wondered why you ALWAYS see screenshots and NOT the actual movies? Pierre knows, I know, and I'm sure some in the business know why but they can't say anything because they do it too and don't want to get burned. The pictures PROVE nothing Woodman, my playpen my rules, or you don't get your grovelling apology.

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Re: I love my haters !!!

Post by XmanX »

you-shall-not-pass-you-shall-be-banned.gif (423.88 KiB) Viewed 264 times

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Re: I love my haters !!!


No it's OK It makes me laugh more than anything else ... I am relax on border of the water with my fresh drink so no way I get nervous !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Read on the page before, originally these morons just pretended there was NO VIDEOS !!! Now after I publish 25 images to close their dirty liars mouth they ask for 25 times 1 minutes ... they are pure psychopath and for sure I will not spend anymore any precious minutes of my time for such stupid games !!! And anyone should laugh about the 2 girl "she spoked with" and told they wasn't iniated by me because you can see I am in EVERY of the 25 videos !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

And about the last sentence I can swear on my childrens I have no idea why he/she say that but they seems to know so they must say it themselves ...
About my material it's a non sens because I always do my best to delivery the highest quality video. I was the first in Europe for DV ( 1995 ), for HD ( 2005 ), for 4K ( 2014 ) and I don't know if already some company does 8K porn but this time I wasn't so much in hurry to be the first ... Anyway soon this site will delivery 8 K 50 mb/s ( maybe 100 Mb/s ) videos and you can also stream here in 4K what very few sites does !!!
My 2 cameras Panasonic 4K are the best camcorder on the market in this category ...

I just bought a "monster" that soon you will discover with the new videos and honestly it's enough to read "normal" forums to see people say my work is great and video quality is hight !!!

Fuck the idiots ahahahaha !!!

The spider can lose hairs never its cunning !!! In 2022 my web is stronger than ever ...

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