heels and more classical DP please

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heels and more classical DP please

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Dear Pierre, can you have your girls to have high heel shoes during the entire scene and have longer classical DP? the heels make their legs look better, and the classical DP - i mean when she is facing a man she is sitting on. Please do not follow LP example - when they perform acrobtics instead of sex. Also - the idea of DAP or DPP is good, but it slows down the process. My favorite scenes in porn so far: 1. Woodman: Diana Sky 2. Woodman: Ani Black Fox casting. 3. Woodman: Leyla Bentho 4. Ivana Sugar - hose monster. Also, what happened to Kati Montana hardcore scene? You have only interview with her. Also, can you get some pretty girl - and have all night gangbang with her? it can be uncut 6-8 hour long video. What do you think?

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Re: heels and more classical DP please


I answered many times teh same things, often high heels hurt the legs of performers and also destroy the sofa and place which is not good for the bank card !!!

Katy Montana will be updated one day ...

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