Sasha Beart

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Tall Paul
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Sasha Beart

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As much as she is crazy and has that gangster look, which I probably like! I think Sasha really has something different - I’ve never been into the Vegas look (I’m sure many are).

Is she still active?

By the way, Pierre, this forum is an awesome find :D

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Re: Sasha Beart

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From what I know, this girl is not a nice girl. She had a huge fight with Alexxxa Vice in the past ehen they worked together for LP and was rude and picking on her weight and performances etc. Sasha was taking videos and posting on twitter about Alexa's luggage scattered all over the room etc making her lool stupid for the public also. Many girls took the side of Alexa. This Sasha girl is really crazy people say. If I was Pierre I would stay clear from her and her drama.

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Re: Sasha Beart

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Fun Fact : l'un des mecs de cet excellent duo comique (DAVA) a le même nom que cette actrice :

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