Salvatore Della Spada

Pierre woodman is one of the biggest porn maker of the world. Ask him everything you want to knows about girls and porn business. Hot News inside.
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Salvatore Della Spada


He has been a porn actor for me at the begining in 1993 but also my assistant from end 1993 till february 1998 ( and again in May 2000 on the Riviera's production )
Most of the BTS of my photo sessions in the past was made by him.
Deloin, Soine, Perry, Versace, Langin,JYL and me have shared some great moments with him all over the world.
I'm sad to say he died of a heart attack last night at 51 years !!!

Ile de la Réunion. Aout 1994
Ile de la Réunion. Aout 1994

RIP Salva

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