Are ALL those Unreleased 'First' Initiations over hyped?

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Are ALL those Unreleased 'First' Initiations over hyped?

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Yo Pierre, I realize now that you have ALOT of unreleased initiations/hard anal sex castings. I just read the old Kitty Jane thread, what a shame we'll never see her first 'true' anal initiation.

I accept & respect that some of the girls don't want the footage online for various reasons.

my question is this - how would you grade/rate some of these unreleased initiations ? Are they all that great compared to what's on the site already? are we really missing anything?

U ALRADY have hard anal castings that are as LEGNEDARY. (Jennifer Stone, Angel Dark, Silvia Sinn, Chloe Amour, etc.,) there so many epic anal initations/hard anal deflowerings you've filmed over the past 20-30 yrs that i loose count sometimes!!! its too many to count.

but what about all those unreleased 'first' initiations.. Cherry Kiss, Bettina Cox, Kitty Jane (Jana B), Lucy Belle, Cathy Anderson etc.,- i have a feeling these unreleased initiations were good/great but nothing to write home about. agreed? more like the typical good/great type of stuff that's one the site already but nothing volcanic happening. nothing legendary.

or do you say to yourself " Damn! this is some of the best raw anal footage i've ever filmed, the members will NEVER see it"

I used to get frustrated with those castings where there's a great pre-interview and then an EDIT and then a post sex chat. but i now accept that its a case of I just wasn't meant to see what just happened it is what it is..and i move on.

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