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What is difference between girls in 90 and after?

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What is difference between girls in 90 and after?

Postby yongaree » Wed Jun 17, 2020 10:07 am

Hi Pierre
One day i saw you write you miss girls in 1990s?

I GUESS girls these days are more open minded and they are eager to be successful in their life by doing porn and also they already know your job.

What makes you think girls in 90's are better?

Most of the castings you made in those days, almost half of them didn't know what you did so you needed to tell them what you did and persuade them. I think i might need more effort to you than now.

Does The better and wider internet system make you more stressed?
I guess in 90 internet was not as wide as now, so girls in 90 didn't have to be worried about being caught by friends or parents or society around them.
but now all the people can see lots of porn videos on the internet.

Do you think it is one of the factors which make your casting harder?
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