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The refugees coming to Europe

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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby Snabba » Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:40 pm

I wanted to say that turks and syrians belongs to the same civilisations.
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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby likata » Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:44 pm

Calling me racist, because I have pointed how messed-up is France. Ha ha ha ha, I am 100% black and I must admit Africans and arabs fucked-up France. Actually, most africans admit that immigration fucked-up Europe off-cam. If you want, I can make videos with immigrants to prove my points.

Tell me what race aren't racists in this world. Actually Europeans are the less racists people I met in my life. I have spent some part of my life in south-Africa. I will tell everyone here that I felt more safe in Hungary than south-Africa. Will you call Saudi-Arabia, Koweit, etc... racist for refusing Syrians?

Arabs and Indians are the worst racist, I have encountered in my life. Calling Muslim walking to western-Europe refugees is really a joke. These people were in safe countries like Turkey, Greece, etc ... but decided to go to Germany or Sweden for better social benefits- They are not refugees but economic migrants.

Will you tell me, the people in this video came to Europe for safety? When they clearly complain about slow internet, boredom, bad foods?

Why do you think these people in Calais/France, choose to risk their life to get to the UK? Isn't it a proof that even migrants aren't finding France anymore attractive?

I am seriously sick of people like you abusing the word racist to silence people when telling the truth.
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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby pasqualie1980 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 12:06 am

Part if it is about being afraid of change, and part of it is cultural and economic consequences.

For one, there is no way they can integrate all those migrants and have them live economically good lives. And the economic drain alone will be massive if the influx is a million migrants a year coming in. Munich just asked for 3 billion to accomodate the migrants that have come in.

Reality is some will be able to get good jobs, most will live in poverty and go into petty and organized crime to survive.

The other problem is integration. As they have found in germany turks and other muslims do not integrate into european society in general.

The situation aside from the rosey view of things is what is happening in italy. to eat, make money and survive, while waiting to be processed in hopes of getting work visas, many are turning to organized crime to make a living.

France we know whats going on there, alot of problems with poverty in slums, and unable to get employment. its why france allows migrants to set up tent cities by the tunnel to uk hoping they all leave to uk so its no longer their problem.


The cultural problem is real as well. Europeans dont have many kids, one at most, sometimes 2. Young europeans dont go to church. so the cultural and religious identity is threatened, in that refugees and migrants have alot of kids.

Its why many europeans think in 100 years it will not longer be europe but a islamic european caliphate as the hungarian politician said.

the migrants some of them even said they are happy to be in Eurabia.


Short term effect will be migrants will be allowed in temporarily for a year or two. Then many countries will elect because of the migrant crisis right wing governments that will shift the political landscape to a right wing one. The open borders will be closed and after the realization comes the migrants wont be allowed in anymore. Because its not sustainable to take in 1 million migrants a year and give them all jobs and a good living, at the same time providing jobs for existing citizens.

Merkel is trying to fill the hole for cheap labour and cater to corporations for a large cheap labourforce to keep the profits coming in.

Forced quotas with penalties will only lead to resentment and right wing governments being elected in the eu countries.

Economic reality being, you cannot provide good economic lives for everyone coming in. which will lead to crime and news headlines. Its already growing in italy where an 80 year old was raped and killed by migrants.

Thats not including the terror issue. If there is more terror attacks, it will only accelerate the sentiment.


Americans saying be tolerant because they caused alot of this by invading countries, removing leaders and creating power vacuums where those countries have turned into civil wars because tribes and factions in the middle east have hated each other for a thousand years, and were only kept in check by the dictators that were put in by the west and now removed.

Notice uk only taking in 20k over 5 years, and americans 10000 syrians.

Why because the security risk is real, aside form the human tragedy. There is no way to verify alot of the peoples identity, and many are bringing in passports bought off the black market in turkey of dead syrians in the war. Syria use to be 23 million people, the population is about 14 million now because 5 million have left.

What you can expect to see in iraq and syria is they will fragment into smaller countries along ethnic divisions.


Its a politically sensitive issue, because there are many good muslims, majority are, but there is enough of them doing acts of insanity where most will have a bad view of them.
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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby pasqualie1980 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 12:25 am

europe will have to seal their external border or be able to, or the free border agreement will be a thing of the past.

in terms of turkey, the reason why turkey is not allowed into eu is because if they did, in 100 years because of vast birth rates difference in europeans and turks, europe will become Eurabia.

Which will in time lead to or attempts to introduce sharia law in court systems slowly for segments of the population. Like an attempt was made in Canada but was blocked by the government. But get enough people elected into political office and you never know what can happen, if they are sympathetic.
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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby Booz » Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:18 pm

HNIC wrote:The amount of racism on this board is unbelievable! The reason Syrians and other people are trying to get into Europe is because there countries are at war -- and the war is largely caused by white people who think it is their right to control the resources of coloured people everywhere!

Turkey, Saudi arabia, Kuwait, Sénégal, Sebia are not at war...why don't they want to go to these countries? Because they are economic migrants and not political refugees.

There is no "resource" to control in Syria. The so called "White people" (Syrian are also white people and veru racisitic again black people) who did fuck up in this place is USA, not Europe.

HNIC wrote:
If the refugees were white you wouldn't be complaining yet you hate it when people call you racist!

Everybody have the right to say who is welcome in his home.
"Les femmes ne recherchent pas le bel homme. Les femmes recherchent l'homme qui a eu de belles femmes." Milan Kundera
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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby pasqualie1980 » Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:08 am

Its not really racism, but in a sense pragmatism. People who do not like the responses will say its racism.

But in reality until the external borders are secured its a situation that will end up very badly.

If you take the 80/20 rule, 20 percent may end up living decent lives, 80 percent will end up living in slums, and problems people are seeing in france, italy and other countries where the 80 percent become disenfranchised living in poverty.

That is the realistic view. Also instituting mandatory quotas of migrants every year will exacerbate the problem. You look at europe, most of the citizens are living below the poverty line. They have problems finding jobs to support their families. Accepting mandatory quotas will put more pressure on the economy.

Also pragmatically letting wave after wave of migrants come each day by boats or across borders in the thousands is not sustainable. As of now the number they accepting for real refugees is 750 for germany and 160 thousand to be distributed across other countries against their will and sovereignty. So germany is saying its ok to allow this to happen and we should anticipate it by setting mandatory quotas which will likely rise because the borders are not secure, and nothing has been done so far for years in terms of securing the borders.

Alot of those migrants also wont qualify as legitimate refugees and good luck finding them after they have marched across borders to send them back to their countries.

They end up working under the table for low wages or entering into organized crime to survive.

The reality is a million migrants a year is not sustainable or realistic in terms of being able to integrate them all into a good life. They cant even do that for european citizens.

The americans just saying europe be nice let them in because they dont want to take any in. I think they said because of pressure they may take 10000 over the next few years. Because its a huge security risk because they went into the middle east and removed leaders they did not like, creating power vacuums and civil wars.

Even syria, they only want to remove assad because they want to build a pipeline from saudi arabia through syria and turkey. Assad has been blocking this, since russia stands to lose alot of money if this happens. Its the reason why russia is going into syria to make sure Assad is not removed and no pipeline is built. As well russia doesnt want the 2000 or so russians that went and join isis coming home so they want to deal with them in syria so they dont come back to russia.

Look at germany, even after all their welcomes, they shut down their borders also this weekend. Because its gonna cost each city for example munich requested 3 billion euros to help settle and integrate the migrants they have accepted so far into the city.

The economic cost is huge. And how many europeans struggle for work and even pay rent and bills and support their own families.

Thats the problem, the economic problem. There is also cultural and social problems that will arise. But the economic problem is the immediate one because even though everyone says let them in, reality is the pareto principle for a population is 20 percent of the population makes 80 percent of the wealth. That means 80 percent live difficult lives. I would assume for migrants it might be even lower because of the social and economic obstacles they will face.

The saudi's and a few other middle eastern countries dont want the economic burden so they are not taking migrants from iraq and syria. The example being for munich 3 billion to take care of the migrants that have come in so far. The saudi's just give 500 million in food aid to refugee camps and dont want to deal with the economic and social problems that will arise from taking in that many migrants.

As well there is the stigma of terrorism and security risks. If anything like that happens in the near future, you will see huge protests by europeans against the leaders allowing the migrants come in cities. Its unfortunate because most are not terrorists, but there is enough that are that paint a bad picture for everyone.

Just watch, countries will start electing right wing governments into power because of this migrant issue. Because Germany forcing or trying to force countries to take mandatory quotas every year. Which means they intent to keep the borders open so the flows keep coming in. If they detailed a plan to secure the borders and process the migrants that have come in that would have been a different issue.

but that is the problem that has happened because they did not create any plan to deal with securing external border, and set mandatory quotas for each country which will in all likelyhood go up alot more. Because there are more migrants that have come in than they can deal with in the quotas. 5000 a day in greece alone. Multiply that by 365 days, you looking at a maximum of 1 million 8 and twenty five thousand people a year, if it doesnt go up.

And you know everyone hearing germany saying europe will welcome all, the 5 million syrians alone in jordan, kuwait and turkey that are in refugee camps, well they will be heading to turkey and to greece within a year.
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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby pasqualie1980 » Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:40 am

There is another issue not being discussed in terms of economics in all g8 countries.

The reality is, because of the systems put into place in the g8 countries, it has been getting more and more expensive to live and pay bills. In part by design to generate more profits for corporations which now basically pay for who gets elected, and the middle class has been shrinking. As a consequence of this, its expensive to have kids so the populations in g8 countries have been declining by birth. Exception being countries that take in more immigrants. Also all the g8 countries the past governments spent all the pension money the workers were pulling out of their paychecks every week and never replaced it. So they had a problem, so they started having the people working paying for the people who were retiring. As you can see in a declining population this becomes a problem. Especially in 2015, because there is something called the babyboomer population who was very productive and were numerous and spent money to keep economies running in g8 countries. That group is now starting to retire in 2015. In the usa 60 million alone. As more and more people retire, they will not spend money. Also health care costs go up, and governments have to pay pension money that they spent, and now there is not enough young people to pay for the ones retiring. Also there will be labour shortages, and less consumers buying so corporations will make less profit.

So what Germany and merkel is trying to do, is fill that gap right now with migrants that qualify for those jobs or with training.

As well there is a plan by the elite or ruling families of this world, to unify it into a single currency eventually and have no borders. So influx of migrants into every country allows the population no longer to identify with a culture or country anymore because they really dont have attachments if so many people moving around, for work and other things. Its partially why they trying to digitize money. As well the move towards transhumanism, and the push for electronics starting with phones which you wave to buy things with your identification, or bank cards you tap, to get you use to waving or tapping into a scanner. So eventually they will have microchips which they have already, that can be implanted into your hand which will have all your identification and banking, which can be electronically controlled as well as all behaviours and actions monitored, including travel from satellite.

Motorola just patented an electronic tatoo that can read your thoughts. Electronic microchips to turn off and on lights and open and lock doors. Implants to send emails with your thoughts. So that is where humanity is leading to. Whether a human is a human still in 100-200 years with all the electronic implants is an arguement for another day though.
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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby pasqualie1980 » Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:49 am

of course its a double edge sword, if you protest or go to demonstrations or do things the government doesnt like or the ruling elite, well they just shut off your bank account since money will be digital, and your travel will be restricted as well as your ability to buy food and water.

But that is the direction the corporations want to take humanity. Russia is especially ambitious, if you look on youtube russians want to transfer human consciousness into robots. That way you work and dont have to eat or have health issues. If you cause problems they just turn you off.

This is what russia wants to do by 2045
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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby tremend25 » Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:25 am

Speaking of Russia, they are currently the biggest hope in this crisis. The way they are helping Syria and Iraq(own agenda's or not) against Isis is something that the incompetent US and UK haven't been doing.
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Re: The refugees coming to Europe

Postby woodyfan23 » Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:02 am

The American strategy has always been: destroy any unruly countries on earth and leave them to bleed to death and whoever offer to help will become new targets for the next round of political terrorism, economic sanctions and military threat/destruction. Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and list goes on and on...... :oops: :oops: :oops:
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