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Stop all those motherfuckers !!!

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Stop all those motherfuckers !!!

Postby PIERRE WOODMAN » Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:13 pm

My support or myself we get every year a lot of messages from girls having been abused by people pretending be me !!!
Today again my support got this :

Hi, to whom it may concern) My name is Alina, I am from Y........, Armenia. A couple of days ago I got an invitation to join Woodman Casting in Moscow in some dating site. The guy who wrote me said they pay $5000 for a shot and also my possible travel expenses. I wanted to know if you realy organize some casting in Moscow soon or the persons who wrote me were just scammers? Thank you in advance My email is :

So I have alredy put on my VK profil an annonce about it ( Это мой настоящий профиль VK ):

Here is my real Facebook :
( I rarely watch it but you can try message me )


Already a girl 16 years old send me an email with pictures of two men pretending be my assistants and used my name to have sex with her. I send their photos to Ukrainian Police and explained the situation.
I don't know if they will do something or not but at least I try ...
Please tell this on all social medias as much as you can, NEVER ACCEPT TO GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT MAKE A LIVE CHAT BEFORE AND SEE IF IT'S REALLY ME !!!

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