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Double vaginal videos

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Double vaginal videos

Postby Allerius4 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:07 pm

Hello everyone, I am new here. Actually created account just to make this thread :D .

I am big fan of double vaginal penetration ( DPP/DVP) and I have noticed Woodman does a lot of those here actually, the thing is they are really hard to find. There is a "double pussy" tag which has about 12 great scenes but the best double vaginals arent even tagged and there is MUCH more of them, I stumbled on a lot of scenes here with DPP when I wasnt even trying to find them, and it was nowhere mentioned that its there. For example there are some 10/10 DPPs in Nikita Belluci scene, Enolla Calabre did even very rare KoC DPP and then Christney Courntey has DPP here too.

Asking to tag all scenes including DPP would be too much, simply a lot of work when there is so many scenes. Although it would be perfect. I created this thread for other double vaginal fans so we can share here unlisted DPPs on this site and help each other out, I hope I am not single double vag fan here :

Any help appreciated ! :)
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